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Robotic Cutting

We have 3 robotic cutting teams working across the region to provide cost efficient and effective repairs and renovations to complex drainage issues.

As a result we are able to offer the following services:

Lateral Connections – Working with our CIPP UV lining rig, CCTV & Jetvac units we are able to accurately cut out connections between 150mm – 800mm in diameter.

Root Cutting – Removal of roots ingress into existing sewer systems to restore flow and prevent flooding in pipework between 150mm – 800mm diameter.

Obstructions – Removal of various obstructions from sewers including concrete and rubble, in pipework between 150mm – 800mm diameter.

Robotic cutting is an effective solution where excavation is difficult due to depth or access. We can be utilise robotic cutting alongside other no-dig technologies to provide full repairs/rehabilitations of existing pipework.